Seminar on Dwarf Galaxies and Environmental Influence

ARI Basement Seminar Room
Thursday 15:00-17:00, dates are posted below
Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, ZAH

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thorsten Lisker

The seminar runs throughout the year, irrespective of lecture periods. Upcoming dates are as follows:
15 March 2018 – Main topic: Scaling relations of galaxies and how they can be understood
12 April 2018 – Main topic: Mergers and close interactions
3 May 2018 – Research session
24 May 2018 – Main topic: What was different in the early universe?
21 June 2018 – Main topic: Gaia studies of nearby dwarf galaxy motions
12 July 2018 – Main topic: TBA

We discuss current research results, open science questions, and recent literature on dwarf galaxies, their evolution, and their environments.